My very first order from

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and Becca vs. Jaclyn Hill Champaign Pop highlighter

As you know, currently I’m living in Japan. So I don’t really have an opportunity to buy stuff, which is hyped in beauty community on Youtube. Of course, there are a lot of products here in Japan, but all of these products are targeted at Asian type of skin and Asian type of make-up. And I feel that I just don’t feet in with my type of skin. There are a lot of American and European brands, of course. For example MAC and Loreal, Maybelline and Laura Mercier, Nyx and Revlon. But you know what the main problem is? The color range is not the same as in America or Europe. It’s ok, I get it. There are not so many Americans or Europeans here, so the main target is Japanese women. And I just can’t find the foundation color that matches me and blushes are too pink for me, lipstick are too bright or dark. Do you see my point?

So as I’m a big fan of Youtube and watch a lot of videos about make-up, of course I get excited about new palettes or foundations, or whatever it is. But the thing is, I can’t buy it here, or to speak more accurately, I can buy make-up in auctions, but it's too overpriced there, or I can buy it at Ebay, but without any confidence in authenticity of the product. There some sites which do not overprice products, but they have pricy international shipping. So do you see what a pain in the ass buying make-up that is popular in America or UK?

Recently I was watching Jaclyn Hill, who I adore,  and she announced that she and Becca released a highlighter! Yaas! And this highlighter suits everybody. Including pale people like me. Oh my! I’m pale as a ghost and it’s hard to find the right highlighter for me. I was so excited and almost hyperventilated a little. And then Jaclyn said, that does ship internationally! Oh wow! I didn’t know that. In the middle of the night, with shaky hands, I went to and search for this highlighter. I found it, was sold out..! It was such a disappointment. But I decided not to give up on it. I was checking Sephora 24 hour. It was about a couple of days since that video and finally I received an email from Sephora. Oh yeah! It was there, on the site. I bought it right away. In order to make my international shipping worth it, I decided to buy Too Faced Choclate Bar palette as well. Kathleen Lights was talking about it in her favorites and it smells like chocolate, so I was looking for an opportunity to buy it. I’m a girl and I NEED a palette that smells like chocolate in my life, alright? :) In about a week my beauty treasure was here, in my hands, and I was so exited, you guys! I can say it worth all the money I spent on it. Will be posting reviews on it soon!