My little haul

The other day I went to the cosmetic shop located in a busy part of the town. I came right before opening and the place was crowded with beauty lovers like me. I like to wonder around the shop in my own pace and sometimes it takes me a long time to test, touch and smell all of the products around me. Honestly speaking, I'm a little bit obsessed with make up and beauty products. But who doesn't? Don't judge me:) 

This time I had some kind of a list in my head: mascara, finishing powder and lip liner. So here is my little haul!

NYX butter gloss in Maple Blondie

I was wondering around these glosses for a long time. It's not so famous in Japan, where I'm currently living, so my eyes just didn't stop on this product. But when I began to watch beauty gurus on YouTube, I became conscious about American make-up products. NYX isn't that chip here in Japan, but the quality and color range is quite wide and suit my "western" type of face. So I decided to give it a try. On the other hand I wasn't that excited about the stickiness of this lip glosses. But as soon as I've tried it on my lips, I understood why it's called "butter gloss"! Oh My! It was so smooth and made my lip feel so plump and juicy, that I didn't mind my lips be a little bit sticky. And I decided to buy light coral color Maple Blondie, that'll perfectly match my summer looks.

Revlon Lash Potion smudge proof volume and length mascara

This is my second revlon mascara and what can I say, I LOVE it! I'm so happy, I gave it a shot. You will ask me, why am I so obsessed with it? First of all, it's a film type of mascara. It means, it won't smudge, but it will come off easily, if you wash your face with warm water. Isn't it a holy grail for a lazy girl like me? Let's just put it straight, I'm hella I like things like this. Things that make my life easier. I've bought a ton of other so called "will be washed off with warm water" types of mascara. And you know what? Non of this mascara can be easily washed off just with warm water. For example, I had a japanese film type mascara (Motemascara), and that mascara just slide from my lashes in small balls of dirt and those balls were everywhere, even on my pillow. I just couldn't get rid of them. Then I had a Maybelline Mega Plush one. You know what? I couldn't wash it off even with the cosmetic wipes, not to mention my face wash. It was tough. And I had panda eyes for wasn't funny at all. But this Revlon mascara, hands down, is the best film type mascara. I wash it off in a shower with a tiny little bit of my Dove face wash and rinse my eyes just one time and it's gone! My eyes are clean! Without any black stains and marks. It's a miracle. Not to mention the volume that it gives. On the other hand the wand is huge. At first I was like, wow! That's huge! But then I got used to it and now I just apply mascara more careful then I would with a normal size wand.  

Chacott finishing powder with cooling effect

Chacott is a company in Japan which specialize in dance wear. They have stores and dance classes all over Japan. In collaboration with famous make-up artists they created make-up line for stage and professionals, but this line became popular among ordinary customers as well. The products of this brand can be found in fancy cosmetic stores or in stores for make-up junkies. This finishing powder is a limited edition of their famous powder. It has SPF20 and PA++, so I can feel safe in the sun. It also has a cooling effect. When I applied it for the very first time, I felt that tingling is quite strong, but then I fall in love with this awaking feeling on my face. This powder has only one shade, which is medium ochre, but it so light and sheer, that the color doesn't really matter. It has light minty smell, and it's a plus for me, but not for everyone I suppose. This powder does a great job in preventing my make-up from melting in insanely hot weather here in Japan. So great job, Chacott. 

Excel Lip Liner in Peach

This liner is also a product of company in Japan, named Excel Tokyo Rich Casual by NOEVIR. It was built back in 1987 and became popular because it's not pricey and reflects all make-up trends here in Japan. I love their shadow pallets, actually. They have a great range of colors and shadows stay on your lids all day long. The texture of Excel shadow is always very smooth and buttery. And it's cheap! How great is that! So I decided to buy some lip liner and Excel seemed to be a great choice. I'm ashamed to say it, but I haven't use lip liners before, actually, I haven't use lipsticks as much. All I ever needed was a tinted lip balm and I was ready to go. But now I decided to give my lips some color and shape, so I bought nude lip liner, liner for beginners:) This liner is soft and thick. You can fill all your lips with it and top it with some lip gloss. It's in an easy twist-up pencil and you don't need to have a sharpener, which will get lost somewhere anyways. I chose Peach, because it is the shade of my lips, but better, so I can make my lips more plump. Every girl want plump lips! Ask Kylie Jenner;)

So this was my little haul. Hope it was helpful and interesting.